Real Name:Oscar Mdlongwa

Oskido is one of South Africa's premier house/kwaito club and radio DJs and producers, with a musical career that fairytales are made of.

The son of a Zimbabwean politician and born in the Oukasie township (near Brits, South Africa) in 1967, little Oscar was schooled in his father's home country (Rhodesia at the time), only returning to SA in 1987. The early 90's found him selling boerewors sausage rolls outside the Razzmatazz nightclub in Hillbrow, Johannesburg, sneaking his way inside the club to spin the closing sessions and slowing down American house tracks to a tempo that "Africans could dance to". One night, the resident DJ didn't pitch up... and the rest is history.

Later teaming up with fellow producers Don Laka and Christos Katsaitis, they founded Kalawa Records and released their eponymous self-entitled BOP (Brothers Of Peace) compilation in 1993. Establishing a network of DJs, musicians, producers and other hopefuls, the label turned into Kalawa Jazmee in 1995 after Mr. Katsaitis' departure.

Oskido has since gone on to produce numerous artists such as Bongo Maffin, Boom Shaka and Mafikizolo, and he is also an original regular on YFM Radio. , MySpace
Aliases:Oscar Mdlongwa, Oscar The Big "O", Oscar Warona
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