Antichrist Kramer

Musician, painter/visual artist, graphic designer and label owner.

Performs & records Power Electronics/Noise/Industrial as Deathkey
Performs & records Berserker Blackgrind Noisecore in Intolitarian
Live/studio vocalist of Black Metal band Godless North
Performs & records Industrial Noise/Ambient/Binaural Ritual Electronics as Sumerian/Egyptian/Aryan Occult entity Throne

Has painted and drawn the album covers along with additional merch artwork and more for Inquisition, Pseudogod, Nyogthaeblisz, Vasaeleth, Der Stürmer, Absurd (3), Ravenbanner, Embalmed, Legions Of Astaroth, Anal Cunt, NunSlaughter, Goatpenis, Nexul, compilation covers for Hells Headbangers and more. Has drawn the band logos for many Black/Death Metal, Grind and Industrial/Noise/Power Electronics artists such as Nyogthaeblisz, Vasaeleth, Hellvetron, Diagnose: Lebensgefahr, Deathkey, Intolitarian, Les Orphelins Duplessis, Inquisition, Throne (3), Aborted Christ Childe, Nocturnal Blood, Warfire and more. Has also done the graphic design and layouts for many different band's and labels.

Had the zine Stab Wound which existed for one issue in 1997/98. The zine name was changed to Satanic Skinhead in 2000 when the contents of the 1st issue under this name "F.O.M.B.M." were being compiled. The issue was done and a hard copy proof was printed in 2001, yet was not approved as more content was to be added and some deleted, in which the 2nd updated and edited version was completed in 2002 and printed in January 2003. The 2nd issue of Satanic Skinhead "Anti-Christ Ordered Extermination" which contained portions edited from 1st issue with even more new interviews and features was released in late 2003. The 3rd issue "Crush The Weak" was completed in late 2004 and released in January 2005. The zine that was printed small enough to come packaged within a double flapped Dvd amaray case which contained a double sided cover on the case, zine within the case and one flap containing the Goatpenis Cd-r Ep "Celebrating The Revenge Of All The Times" and the other flap containing a Dvd-r edition of the first Deathkey release originally released on Vhs which was the film and accompanying soundtrack "Annihilate This Cesspool" . There was a 4th issue compiled and completed in 2006 titled "Ascension To Satanic Superiority" that had a single hard copy proof printed, but was never released. The zine was then put to rest with that final issue never released. All of these zines along with prototypes, unreleased issues and all flyers, posters, catalogs and everything and anything else pertaining to them, are being compiled as of Fall 2017 to be released by GoatowaRex in early 2018.

Is the owner of the labels Satanic Skinhead Propaganda and Deathangle Absolution Records. Previously was also the owner to the SSP sub label, which has now been put to rest Audial Decimation Records. From 2002, until 2006, SSP existed alone, and in 06 was when the idea arose to have a sublabel for all non Black Metal/Death Metal releases so as to keep the respective genres focused on and within their own interests. SSP and ADR then coexisted until February 2013 when AK decided to join both labels under one all encompassing entity and that is when Deathangle Absolution Records came to be. DAR ran smoothly from February 2013 through to January 2015, when legal issues arose concerning the label, which caused it to be temporarily put on hold until the legal matters were completed in January 2017. At this point, DAR returned to normal activities, as well as the ressurection of Satanic Skinhead Propaganda. Both labels are now both running congruently and the bands and artists being released by AK can choose which label more accurately suits to represent their band.

Additional information:
Originally operated as a one man Ambient Black Metal band under the name SACRILEGION, that released 3 short demos during its less than 3 year existence during 1995/1997/1998. Antichrist Kramer has said regarding the band:
"SACRILEGION was a horrible fucking band that I did 3 demos with which consisted of me doing grim old style cult vox like EMPEROR/BLACK FUNERAL/PROFANATICA whilst playing the guitar at the same time into a boombox. Since I had no drummer and wanted to do everything alone, whilst doing the vox and guitars into one boombox, there was a 2nd boombox playing random rainstorms and random other things I had recorded dince a small child, which acted as my "percussion" and "bass." There were covers for all 3 demos that had my own hand drawn artwork and text, as well as the only photos ever of me in corpse/war paint. The 3rd and last demo photo was in Euronymous/Dead style paint whilst wearing a MORTUARY DRAPE style hood, only in much more grim fashion. The band and recordings had no cohesive rhyme or reason when being given and/or sent out and spread to tape traders, zines, and a few bands and labels in the USA, Brazil, Peru, Sweden, and Poland, maybe other places, but there is no way to recall for sure. One copy I know that went to Poland was sent to Nergal of BEHEMOTH after getting a copy of the Wild Rags cd edition of " ...From The Pagan Vastlands" which blew me away at the time, and is still one of the best Polish Black Metal releases ever. His copy was one of only around maybe 5 copies that I made which not only had both of the first 2 demos only, but also a completely different cover that was only on those few copies. Only around 30-40 copies maximum of all 3 demos, whether single, combined together, or variances/edits of, were ever made, and with different covers if at all. Some copies of demos and songs were also added to blank sides of or at the end of cassettes that were parts of trades, so as to fill the empty and unused space. I specifically remember making a single copy with different track order etc and giving to the old (now long defunct) local Chicago Deathgrind band Bloody Stump. In September 1998, around 4 or 5 copies were made that had all 3 demos put together on one cassette with yet another completely different cover. Those were sent out together with the last few remaining copies of Stab Wound zine in 1998. Those for sure went to Wilhem of Gallery Of The Grotesque zine, Bill Zebub from The Grimoire Of Exalted Deeds and the old killer distro Barbed Wire. I believe the last and only other similar copies were sent to the best two local Chicago zines: Midwest Metal and Subculture. After those last few copies were spread, the band was completely abandoned and never mentioned EVER again, and Stab Wound was then put to the side until 2000 when I rechristened the zine SATANIC SKINHEAD. Also at this time after putting the band to rest was when I began recording and experimenting with sounds and ideas that eventually led to the creation of DEATHKEY."
Antichrist Kramer has expressed his dislike of the SACRILEGION material and refusal to spread once again. The 3 demos were titled and released as:

- "Worshipper"
One song demo recorded December 1995
- "Divine Enemy"
Two song demo recorded July 1997
- "....An Evil Force"
Two song demo recorded September 1998

The name "Worshipper" is the first band name that AK says that he "conceived originally as a SLAYER obsessed maniac in 1991, and trying to start a band with the only two local metal kids at the time. Nothing was ever even written, and we couldn't play a song to save our lives. It lasted all of 2 weeks before we completely gave up. The significance of this first "band" was the carrying of the name "WORSHIPPER" over all of those years later, as SACRILEGION was originally created as the band being named WORSHIPPER. After a logo was drawn, it was decided that it was not original enough, which led to the band being called "LEGION" and then finally SACRILEGION. To still pay homage to the name "Worshipper", the first demo and song were christened as such."
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