The Rolling Stones Texasbear

August 30, 2019
edited about 1 year ago
I wish someone would add the limited edition paper sleeve box set from the Japanese Exhibitionism Event! Catalog number PROT-1245/9. I’m not even sure how to list this set. It’s limited to 500 sets and it’s exactly like the 5 green OBI titles just released from “Sticky Fingers” the Spanish Sleeve to “Sucking In The 70’s , plus a promo Sucking In The 70’s Promotional Sleeve. This was an event only Box Set! If it’s listed somewhere else where I haven’t seen it, please let me know where. Thanks in advance for any information or possible listing of this limited Box Set,


The Rolling Stones Texasbear

December 6, 2020
edited 8 months ago
if you purchased one you can add it yourself. it's kind of an honor

Yeah, it’s also extremely time consuming from the few I have done in the past. Just about every time I’ve done a submission, someone who has more experience comes behind me and completely changes everything about the submission. So then I feel like I did the hard part and now someone else is changing everything about the submission. It’s also a box set of 5 disc that where only sold only at The Rolling Stones Exibitionism traveling memorabilia collection that was limited to two copies. I think only 500 sets of these where made. The ticket to get into the exhibit where almost as much as this box set sells for on eBay. It’s more of a collectible to me than anything else. I have all of their Platinum SHM CDs and they sound extremely good. These are basically the same as the releases from May 22nd 2019 with the green OBIs starting with UICY-78937 to UICY-78941 and a Promo sleeve for “Sucking In The Seventies.” The difference is they have different OBIs and that came in a black Promo Box with a drawer. I bought these in Japan from the exhibition of memorabilia and really cool stuff like clothing that the band wore, and all kinds of stuff. We we’re there to visit my college friend who lives in Japan and got the tickets to this exhibition. This was last year in May. I want to say it was the 6th as we visited Japan for my husbands birthday and my American friend from college lives about 35 miles from downtown Tokyo in a really nice house. We saved a ton of money by staying with him. That was the last time we have taken a flight as well. I paid almost Y13,500 for each set which at the time was like around $150.00 USD.

Thanks for the suggestion,


The Rolling Stones paustin0816

January 27, 2020
if you purchased one you can add it yourself. it's kind of an honor

The Rolling Stones vinylpast

November 5, 2018
hi can anyone tell me if the stones released not fade away with i wanna be your man on the b side many thanks mark.

The Rolling Stones emseavey

July 23, 2020
I am sure you have already found your answer. Your post is 2 years old

The Rolling Stones oldradioguy

February 9, 2019
Yes, they sure did ! I have a great picture sleeve single, of that one...( Actually, all of them) Hope
that helps, Mark !

The Rolling Stones CykoMF

December 25, 2018
Yeah, here: The Rolling Stones - Not Fade Away / I Wanna Be Your Man
Just use the search box on any artist page. It kinda works, if you let it.

The Rolling Stones menne

November 19, 2018
3 sp's all over the world:US with company sleeve and with picture sleeve issued 6th march 1964/canada with company sleeve and with picture sleeve imported from us april 1964/french juke box with picture sleeve 2 variations (picture sleeve with titles and picture sleeve without titles) april 1964 ....2 ep's:spain march 1964 + little by little and stoned/japan +come on and little red rooster compilation from june 1973...that's exhaustive according to my knowledge

The Rolling Stones rondoe.au

November 7, 2018
According to cat45.com
The Rolling Stones - Not Fade Away / I Wanna Be Your Man - London - USA - 45-9657
The Rolling Stones 459657, The Rolling Stones, London, USA, 7", Cat# 45-9657, 45-LON 9657, 1964, Track A: Not Fade Away, Composer: Petty, Hardin, Track B: I Wanna Be Your Man, Composer: Lennon, McCartney, CB Apr 4, 1964

The Rolling Stones PedroVT

August 29, 2018
The list of singles shows I wanna be your man being released before Come On. Is this correct? I’ve heard KR say Come On was first.

The Rolling Stones vinylsue

April 20, 2020
In the UK :- "Come On c/w I Want To Be Loved" released 7th June 1963 ... "I Wanna Be Your Man c/w Stones / Stoned" released 1st November 1963 .. There was a plan to release "Fortune Teller c/w Poison Ivy" as second single on 28th August 1963 but this was cancelled in favour of the Lennon / McCartney track instead. Hope this helps ... vinylsue

The Rolling Stones rondoe.au

November 7, 2018
Going by the Cat# I'd say that Come On was out first
The Rolling Stones - Come On / I Want To Be Loved - Decca - UK - F 11675
The Rolling Stones - I Wanna Be Your Man / Stoned - Decca - UK - F 11764
Also Wikipedia's discography has Come On released June '63 and Wanna Be as Nov '63

The Rolling Stones ziggiole

September 20, 2018
No, not correct, but Discogs sort arbitrary based on date, and if only year is the only date, there’s nothing to do.

The Rolling Stones oufababy

March 10, 2018
Now really confused about the sale/not for sale status about unofficial rolling stone releases. Any short explanations?

The Rolling Stones sophieshouse

June 19, 2018
If you are talking about unofficial releases from recent years, where you have a barcode on the back, these are simply unauthorised, where the label have released the material due to a loophole in EU copyright law. A number of items being barred from sale on Discogs are freely available in HMV in the UK, and on Amazon's UK site.


The Rolling Stones _melvin_

May 31, 2018
pity, this is how discogs went big.... we need an alternative discogs lol

The Rolling Stones Karu_selli

March 20, 2018
you cant sell bootlegs on discogs anymore that is the reason.

The Rolling Stones Rich.C

December 23, 2016
Few partnerships in rock 'n' roll have been as productive as the collaboration between Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, and of course having wunderkind Brian Jones along did nothing to hinder the Rolling Stones' popularity. From the get-go, the band played the raunchy, gritty doppelganger to the Beatles' dandified Merseybeat pop. They ventured a heavier, bluesier sound than their British Invasion counterparts, taking their cues from Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf. The band's greatest strength, besides Charlie Watts, has always been their ability to add stylistic touches drawn from their interests in Eastern music, psychedelia, country and even disco to a blues rock chassis. It's difficult to listen to the trippy Their Satanic Majesties Request, the down-and-out honky-tonk of Exile On Main Street and the clean modernist surfaces of Bridges To Babylon and believe they were recorded by the same band. Of course, in some ways they weren't; the lineup changes that have dogged the Stones account for much of their musical diversity. Jagger's famous slur and Richards' sloppy guitar elegance are the two constants in the band's many life cycles that make every Stones song instantly recognizable. Its testimony to a great band when most of their fans today don't even remember them in their prime!!

The Rolling Stones JumpingKentFlash

February 22, 2015
The Rolling Stones is a waterhole for every garage band worth its salt. Some are hardcore fans, some are casual fans. Either way The Stones speak to generations of fans. From the 60s with the bluesy roots and the begging of the peak with Beggar's Banquet, over the 70s with experimenting sounds such as reggae, jazz and pop ballads, an 80s decade that started off good, but lost its way somewhere in the middle, the 1989 comeback, the departure of Wyman in 1993, renewed success in the 90s and the new millennium that still sees them doing great live shows. The last official album was A Bigger Bang from 2005, and they've more or less stopped making new stuff since. The Beatles quit the concerts to concentrate on the studio. The Stones, being the live band they always were, quit the studio to concentrate on the concerts. Time and again they have proven that they really are the greatest rock 'n roll band ever. Personally, I'd love to go to their next show, regardless of where it is.

The Rolling Stones korpsman

September 15, 2016
I met Mick at the Montreal Olympics in '76.I talked about my interest in punk rock and asked him if they were going to do anymore hard edged LPs in respobse to it.Mick said he thought so and Shattered was probably it.Meanwhile,a bunch of 15 year old Aerodmith fans had gathered and began taunting Mick.This was st a small arena, for a quarter final boxing match."Watch out for Steven Tyler" one kid said,so I fake lunged st him and shouted "Fuck Off!" as Mixk smiled and signed my ticket stub.Awesome moment for me.

The Rolling Stones mccontrol

April 6, 2015
Start saving. Especially if you want to be up front. Tix in Australia for 14 On Fire tour were over $1000 up front. Started at $200.

The Rolling Stones as reviewed by Crijevo

August 11, 2006
edited over 15 years ago
Officially we all know something about the Stones, love them and hate them just the same... Ahead of their time in the 60s, pulling the plug in the 70s and then aborting in the 80s and 90s alike. Now in the 21st century a group of grandads respectively continues to tour and in that respect the 'Rock and Roll' principle is a perfect example of lifestyle - sex and drugs included. No exceptions. Hedonists to the end.