Ledfoot was a project with Joakim Ericson and Nick Vahlberg (bass) from the Nomads and Nicke Andersson (drummer, better known in his later incarnation as Nicke Royale of the Hellacopters) and Ulf Cederlund, (guitar) from Entombed. They were just, at that time, starting to get into punk and garage and regular rock'n'roll. Nicke had been a huge Kiss fan before, but apart from that, they hadn't listened too much to that kind of thing. They just became good friends and started jamming for fun. They did a couple of shows and a four track demo studio recording, but only two of those songs have ever been released. One is a Husker Du cover which is on a Swedish Husker Du tribute album," The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill", and then there's a song on a comp called Swedish Sins.

Members:Joakim Ericson, Nick Vahlberg, Nicke Andersson, Ulf Cederlund
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