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Zeena Parkins is an American harpist (Detroit, Michigan, USA) active in rock music, free improvisation and jazz. She studied at Bard College and moved to New York City in 1984.

Parkins plays standard harps, as well as several custom-made one-of-a kind electric harps; she also plays piano and accordion. Besides standard and electric harps, her work also incorporates Foley, field recordings, analog synthesizers, samplers, oscillators and homemade instruments.

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Aliases:Zeena Plotnik
In Groups:Carbon (23), Cosa Brava, Glass Triangle, Green Dome, Keep The Dog, Madame Luckerniddle, Magda Mayas' Filamental, News From Babel, No Safety, OWT, Phantom Orchard, Phantom Orchard Ensemble, Phantom Orchard Orchestra, Skeleton Crew (2), The Adorables (2), Tin Hat Trio, Weightless Animals, Zoé (13)
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