Real Name:Sebastian "Gilmano" Ugovsky-Strassburger

Gilmano is the music producer pseudonym of the author, theater & film maker, film score & music composer Sebastian Gilmano Ugovsky-Strassburger (also credited as Gilmano, Sebastian Ugowski or Sebastian "Gilmano" Ugowski). He is also the founder of MAURSEGLER film production and the music label Slow Jam Music (also often credited as "SLO' JAM" or "Slow Jam Studios", today REQQORD Music) and has also contributed to many film scores. He was the composer and music producer of successful urban music artists around the world and his music compositions and productions can be found in world wide known motion pictures like e.g. "Transformers 3" or "The Equalizer" and many more.

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Aliases:Sebastian Ugowski


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