Christiane Eiben

Christiane Eiben

Real Name:Christiane Eiben

Christiane Eiben (also known as Christiane Lupp or Chrissie) started her musical carreer when she created her own band in 1982. In 1991, she took part to Matthias Reim's Tour as background singer.

In 1994, with Burkhardt Eiben, she took part to Friends of Carlotta, a five-persons band who specialized into pop hits covers (she won an award from the Paul Mc Cartney Universität, Videopreis, Plattenvertrag BMG).

In 1994 she started collaborating with DJ Bobo. She has received two gold awards for solo and backing vocals in albums: There Is A Party and World In Motion.

In 1995 she did a Tour with Juliane Werding.

Christiane Eiben took part as vocalist to many Axel Breitung eurodance projects : Urgent C, Osmania and many more. From 1996 and going, she also took part to the projects Enflame (duet with Nancy Baumann, under the name Chrissi), Centory, Hand In Hand For Children, Peter Imhof, David Hasselhoff (she did vocals on the song Queen of Rain on his albums I Live For Love and Hooked on a Feeling), Roberto Blanco, Cindy & Bert, Jürgen Marcus, and Rex Gildo

Aliases:Christiane Lupp
In Groups:Loft
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