Mark Kamins

Real Name:Mark Kamins

Mark Kamins (b. April 13, 1955 – d. February 14, 2013, heart attack) was a New York club DJ and record producer.
He is most famous for helping to launch the career of Madonna by taking her to see Seymour Stein, the founder and President of Sire. He also produced her first single "Everybody" in 1982.
Ran Pow Wow Records.
Subsequent work included projects for Tommy Page, David Byrne of the Talking Heads, Ofra Haza, the Beastie Boys, Sinéad O'Connor and UB40.
More recent work includes production for the trance/opera dance fusion artist Sasha Lazard, who performed for 8,000 people in Ibiza, Spain in 1999 to choreography by former Madonna "Blonde Ambition Tour" dancer "Slam".

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