Kirsty Rock

Real Name:Kirsty Rock

Scottish American singer/song writer/producer.
Co-founder of Trumystic in Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY, in 1996. They release Product 3 in 1997, Current Master 2002, Dub Power 2005, Paradise 2009.
In 2003 she joined American reggae collective, Easy Star All-Stars. She is the only vocalist to appear on all subsequent Easy Stars albums. Dub side of the Moon 2007, Radiodread 2006, Easy Star's Lonely Hearts Dub Band 2009, Dubber Side of Moon 2010, First Light 2011, East Star's Thrillah 2012.
In 2020 She launched her solo career with the release of her first single Green Is. Followed up with her LP Slow Burn,in 2021, a fusion of reggae, soul and pop. , Instagram ,
In Groups:Easy Star All-Stars, Trumystic
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