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American Psychedelic Rock/ Psychedelic Soul group from Detroit, Michigan.

The main personnel in the group were
Gil Bridges, saxophone, flute, vocals;
Peter Hoorelbeke (aka Peter Rivera), lead vocals, drums;
John Parrish (aka John Persh), bass guitar, trombone, vocals;
Rod Richards (born Rod Cox), guitar, vocals;
Kenny James (born Ken Folcik), keyboards.

In late 1969, Edward "Eddie" Guzman (congas and assorted percussive instruments) was added to the group. , Wikipedia , Imdb
Aliases:The Sunliners
Members:Barry "Frosty" Smith, Dan Ferguson, Dean Boucher, Eddie Guzman, Floyd Stokes Jr., Frank Westbrook, Gabriel Katona, Gil Bridges, Jerry LaCroix, John Parrish (2), Ken Folcik, Ken Johnston (9), Mark Olson, Michael Urso, Mike Bruner, Paul Warren, Peter Hoorelbeke, Randy Burghdoff, Ray Monette, Reggie McBride
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