The House Crew

Real Name:Floyd Dyce, Terry Jones, Raymond Wright

At first, The House Crew was just the pseudonym for the Production House label's own crew, featuring different setups on the early releases including Jamal, Raj Malkani, Floyd Dice and Terry Jones.
After the release of "Keep The Fire Burning" in 1991, Floyd Dyce settled on the House Crew alias on the production side, whilst Terry Jones remained the frontman on stage.

During the heydays of Production House from late 1991 to early 1993 Floyd Dyce and Acen collaborated on many tracks and under different artist names, including the House Crews's big hit "We are Hardcore".

Original member and frontman Nino (aka Terry Jones) (The Gun, Future of Latin, Euphoria-Nino's Dream) went on to write, produce and remix hits for Baby D, Eternal, Peter Andre, Darkman, D.M.S., Sarah Cracknell from St Etienne, X-static and Acen.

As per 2018, The House Crew is still Floyd Dyce accompanied on live shows by Terry Jones and formed Production House driver and record distributer Raymond Wright aka MC Micro

Aliases:Lost In Bass, The Beginning
Members:Floyd Dyce, Raj Malkani, Syed Ahsen Razvi, Terry Jones (4)
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