Judge Dread

Real Name:Alexander Minto Hughes

English reggae and ska musician, born 2 May 1945 in Kent, England, UK and died 13 March 1998 on stage during a concert in Canterbury, England, suffering a heart attack. He was the first white musician to score a reggae chart hit in Jamaica and is especially famous for his humorous sexually explicit lyrics. He holds a record in the Guinness Book of World Records as the artist with the most songs banned from BBC airplay. He notably lived in Snodland, Kent where he once changed the street sign to Dreadland.
Judge Dread once was a Rolling Stones roadie and the only white musician ever to be intentionally (!) invited to play at the famous Apollo Club (N.Y.).

Aliases:Alex Hughes, Jamie Kent, Jason Sinclair, Joe Dread, Rockers Express
In Groups:Disco Aid, Judge Dread & The Originals
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