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The band "Ossian" was formed after Paksi Endre left Pokolgép around 1985. He quickly found guitarist Maróthy Zoltán, Kovács T. Péter on bass, and Galántai Zsolt on drums. The band was fully formed by 1986, and they played their concert on July 13th. They were famous just as much for their insane multi-coloured outfits as for their music, eschewing the traditional chains and leather for harlequin suits.

In October, 1986, they recorded their first demo, following it up with a second in May, 1987 (both of them were later included on single cassette). They opened for international touring acts Pretty Maids, Helloween, and U.D.O. in 1987. In 1988, Kovács was conscripted into the army, and Palvölgyi László took over on bass. In 1988, the first album was released, and they opened for none other than Iron Maiden. The "Acélszív" music video featured a lot of footage of the band hanging out with Iron Maiden, and in fact, in the "Maiden England" video, Adrian Smith can be seen wearing an Ossian t-shirt.

After the second album, Pálvölgyi and Galántai left, being replaced by Vörös Gábor on bass and Nagyfi Zoltán on drums. His brother happened to be Nagyfi László of Pokolgép, and in fact Nagyfi left to join his brother in Omen in 1991, and in came Tobola Csaba.

This lineup recorded five albums, before internal tensions, especially between Paksi and Maróthy, caused the band to break up. They performed a farewell concert on May 14th, 1994.
Marothy went on to form Fahrenheit, and Paksi formed Wellington, (and also wrote some crime novels in English under the pseudonym Paul Trent).

In 1998, Paksi recruited a new lineup to perform one concert, which was recorded for a live album, and then Ossian decided to call the reformation permanent, and they have released four more full albums and an EP since then.


Actual Lineup
Paksi Endre - vocals
Rubcsics Richárd – Guitar
Erdélyi Krisztián – Bass Guitar
Kálozi Gergely – Drums

Past members
Maróthy Zoltán – Guitar, Vocals (1986-1994)
Kovács T. Péter – Bass Guitar (1986-1987)
Galántai Zsolt – Drums (1986-1989)
Pálvölgyi László – Bass Guitar (1987-1989)
Vörös Gábor – Bass Guitar (1989-1994)
Nagyfi Zoltán – Drums (1989-1990)
Tobola Csaba – Drums (1990-1994)
Ivanov Péter – Bass Guitar (1998-1999)
Cserfalvi "Töfi" Zoltán – Guitar (1998-2000)
Jakab Viktor – Bass Guitar (1999-2001)
Hornyák Péter – Drums (1999 - 2012)
Wéber Attila – Guitar (2000-2014)
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none Ossian (4) - Ossian album art Ossian (4) Ossian(Cass, Ltd, Promo, dem) Not On Label (Ossian Self-Released) none Hungary 1987 Sell This Version
Ossian (4) - Acélszív album art Ossian (4) Acélszív (Album) Start (2) Hungary 1988 Sell This Version
Ossian (4) - Félre Az Útból!!! album art Ossian (4) Félre Az Útból!!! (Album) Start (2) Hungary 1989 Sell This Version
Ossian (4) - A Rock Katonái album art Ossian (4) A Rock Katonái (Album) Favorit Hungary 1990 Sell This Version
Ossian (4) - Ítéletnap album art Ossian (4) Ítéletnap (Album) Favorit Hungary 1991 Sell This Version
Ossian (4) - Kitörés album art Ossian (4) Kitörés (Album) Hungaroton Hungary 1992 Sell This Version
Ossian (4) - Emberi Dolgok album art Ossian (4) Emberi Dolgok (Album) Stone Music (2) Hungary 1993 Sell This Version
Ossian (4) - Keresztút album art Ossian (4) Keresztút (Album) Hungaroton Hungary 1994 Sell This Version
Ossian (4) - Koncert album art Ossian (4) Koncert (Album) Hammer Records (7) Hungary 1998 Sell This Version
Ossian (4) - Fémzene album art Ossian (4) Fémzene (Album) Hammer Records (7) Hungary 1999 Sell This Version
Ossian (4) - Gyújtópontban album art Ossian (4) Gyújtópontban (Album) Hammer Records (7) Hungary 2000 Sell This Version
Ossian (4) - Titkos Ünnep album art Ossian (4) Titkos Ünnep (Album) Hammer Records (7) Hungary 2001 Sell This Version
Ossian (4) - Árnyékból A Fénybe album art Ossian (4) Árnyékból A Fénybe (Album) Hammer Records (7) Hungary 2002 Sell This Version
Ossian (4) - Hangerőmű album art Ossian (4) Hangerőmű (Album) Hammer Records (7), Hammer Records (7) Hungary 2003 Sell This Version
Ossian (4) - Tűzkeresztség album art Ossian (4) Tűzkeresztség (Album) Hammer Records (7) Hungary 2004 Sell This Version
Ossian (4) - A Szabadság Fantomja album art Ossian (4) A Szabadság Fantomja (Album) Hammer Records (7) Hungary 2005 Sell This Version
Ossian (4) - A Lélek Hangja album art Ossian (4) A Lélek Hangja (Album) Hammer Records (7) Hungary 2006 Sell This Version
HMRCD056 Ossian (4) - Létünk A Bizonyíték  album art Ossian (4) Létünk A Bizonyíték (2xCD, Album) Hammer Records (7) HMRCD056 Hungary 2006 Sell This Version
Ossian (4) - Örök Tűz album art Ossian (4) Örök Tűz (Album) Hammer Records (7) Hungary 2007 Sell This Version
HMRCD 075, HMRCD075 Ossian (4) - Küldetés album art Ossian (4) Küldetés(CD, Album) Hammer Records (7), Hammer Records (7) HMRCD 075, HMRCD075 Hungary 2008 Sell This Version
Ossian (4) - Egyszer Az Életben album art Ossian (4) Egyszer Az Életben (Album, Comp) Hammer Records (7) Hungary 2009 Sell This Version
HMRCD 094 Ossian (4) - Az lesz a győztes album art Ossian (4) Az lesz a győztes(CD, Album) Hammer Records HMRCD 094 Hungary 2011 Sell This Version
Ossian (4) - A Tűz Jegyében album art Ossian (4) A Tűz Jegyében (Album) Hammer Records (7) Hungary 2013 Sell This Version
Ossian (4) - Lélekerő album art Ossian (4) Lélekerő (Album) Hammer Records (7) Hungary 2015 Sell This Version
Ossian (4) - Fényárban És Félhomályban album art Ossian (4) Fényárban És Félhomályban (Album) Hammer Records (7) Hungary 2016 Sell This Version