Dance Overdose

Real Name:
George Caldwell
Popular Scottish Hardcore act whom achieved national press coverage when several drug deaths, unrelated to the act, happened at raves across the country during the peak of the Scottish dance music scene in the early 1990's.

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December 22, 2016
DOD stands for: Dance Over Dose not for Diciples Of Dance I guess.


July 27, 2009
The other member was a guy called auldy from kilmarnock. I believe it was him that started the band with george caldwell. They met through the breakdancing scene i believe. They also teamed up with dj brian hope under the guise of Diciples Of Dance, thats where the DOD came from. They had a few gigs under their belts named "the ectomorphs" also. I still find myself chanting mental, mental , mental from time to time. Oh them were the days.


January 30, 2009
This band should have retained the 2 original members who could actually play instruments. Once they got rid of Alan thomas they were lost and carried on gigging on the back of other dj's remixing their back catalogue.

It is thanks to the likes of Marc Smith and ultra sonic's Mallorca Lee and Roger hughes that they had any longevity at all.

Shame, they had a large following. And blew it!!!

I wonder what they are all up to now?

Jilted Fan

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