Sylvan Morris

Real Name:Sylvan Morris

Jamaican recording and mixing engineer.
Known to have worked at Dynamic Sounds Studios (formerly Wirl Studio), Treasure Isle Recording Studio, Jamaica Recording Studio (AKA Studio One), and Harry J's Recording Studio.

Born in 1949 Morris studied at Jamaica Technical High School and then worked at Wirl Studio since 1965 as assistant of chief engineer Graeme Goodall.
He moved to Treasure Isle Recording Studio for about half a year and then to Jamaica Recording Studio (Studio One) in 1968.

Morris is said by some artists and experts to has been the one who created the "Studio One sound" and did all the session's work. However he never was credited to anything and therefore left Studio One around 1974 and joined Harry J's Recording Studio.
In 2009 he was honored alongside Sid Bucknor by the Jamaica Reggae Industry Association for his contributions as engineer.

In the 2000's Morris became blind, he died June 17, 2023 aged 74 in his home at St. Andrews, JA.

Aliases:Morris Toughest, The Original Scientist
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