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Gemini as reviewed by noohno

April 25, 2022
the spirit of the yardbird lived on in spencer kincy

Gemini lewbylew

October 22, 2020
Pretty hard to put into words how great a musician Gemini/Spencer Kincy really is. On par with Dana Kelley as my personal favourite US producer ever.

He sets the blueprint for the kind of House music I really enjoy now. Tracks like Counting Sheep (the whole Hibernation EP is a big personal favourite tbh), Day Dreaming, The Sound, Oh Get Down, At That Cafe, plus so many more are just timeless. If you're looking for the trackier and more classic "Chicago style" stuff he does that while if you're into more hypnotic cuts that will move both you and a dance floor you're also in the right place.

As another reviewer has written, he is also a fantastic DJ as well and I'd definitely recommend looking up his mixes online if you are looking for some high energy House mixes to listen to (In an interview, Ben UFO sited one particular Gemini mix as a big influence on his style as a DJ).

I do hope he comes back one day as he is a talent and an inspiration.

Gemini as reviewed by Bourbonman

August 9, 2014
edited over 4 years ago
Great producer, You never knew what you got buying a Gemini 12". He took chances with his music, quite innovative sounds and next-level drum-programming. By the early standards, his music can sound a little weird or off-base, but today, it makes more sense in strong contrast to modern productions. Now you could see that Spencer took some u-turns with his productions. It was completely different from most music out there. And it is great to see his stuff gets recognitions.
But i am going to talk about the Deejay Spencer Kincy. See, i discovered his sets way late. I thought i heard all the DJ greats but once i started listening to his sets.. fookin´ell.
From the sets i heard online, he was totally on fire in the mid 90´s to his sudden disappearance in the early 2000. I hold him in high regards as other legend DJ´s like Ron Hardy, Terrence Parker, Derrick May and Theo Parrish. In fact i could almost put him at the forefront of these guys.. Just way ahead of blending different genres together. His style of mixing are inspired some of Collier´s school of playing records. Fast cutting and high paced house, and such a master putting tracks together. Even commercial tracks. If you did not like a commercial track to begin with, Spencer could mix that record and program you to like it flat out.
People dont play house like that anymore.. take chances, puts the fun into it.. Most deejays these days just safeguard themselves too much.

To me, Spencer Kincy was a deejay's of deejays, and one of those jocks that put some fucking work in it for their money. Today, listening to his old sets makes everything else shit! All those Festival DJ´s putting together bland techno mixes. Nah man, forget it. Spencer was the Zen of the turntables. There are plenty mixes left around to testify to his brilliant craft. Go out, seek, listen to Spencer and understand what spinning records is about..
Sad what happened to him tho´ .. Hope he really can come back to reality at least. He deserves all praise for his legendary contrinution to music, both in the studio and in the clubs.
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Gemini Smirnoff

April 17, 2020
Your link seems to be dead, this is the new link:

Gemini Bourbonman

January 8, 2017
edited over 5 years ago
Hello sir, his mixes can be heard on have fun. I came in contact with a guy who used to have Spencer live with him from time to time in Chicago, (Not J.T Donaldson). He had more mixes of Spencer apart from those on MixesDB, and last i heard, i got an offline message that he had ripped them for me, but since then, i haven't heard from him. Maybe someday he gets back..

Gemini atmosphdvr

November 7, 2015
Totally agree with your comment, truly innovative and consistent on the decks. Spencer knew how to put a set together.

Gemini 4theloveofmuzik

February 18, 2014
Top of the Pop

Gemini stonemountains

February 16, 2014
Absolute genius, almost every record he put out is guaranteed quality.
Disappeared in early 00's.. Nobody really knows where he is.

There will be reissues of some of his records in the not so distant future...

And if I may believe my source there are people who are still in contact with Mr. Spencer himself and he will get paid for all the future reissues! ;-)

Gemini epic_bishop

May 17, 2013
bomb stuff

Gemini Gmmusic

December 22, 2012
edited over 5 years ago
Spencer's music embodies the most fundamental aspects of dance music which most other producers overlook completely. FUNK, SOUL and JAZZ is represented in true form along with a totally cosmic sensibility. You can tell his intention was for bringing on dance, excitement, fun and completely joyful experiences. This is what house and techno is supposed to communicate. END OF STORY!

Gemini junkerjuks

November 29, 2012
One of the best. And I´ve been in this "game" for almost 20 years. Still when hearing his sets from the mid/late 90s, no one else reaches quite that high - being it Craig, Mills, Hood, Sven, Sneak, Carter. He´s just one (or two) steps beyond their reach.
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Gemini Klaus151

July 16, 2013
E-z now JunkerKool ;) Gemini had his own vibe as had May, Carter, Mills, Hood and other cool cats.

Gemini RichardAndrewsMedia

July 25, 2010
A genius, no other word.
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Gemini twisted_apple

September 1, 2011