Tusia Beridze

Real Name:ნატალია ბერიძე (Natalie Beridze)

Tusia was one of the aliases used by a Georgian experimental electronic music composer, songwriter, and producer Natalie Beridze. In Russian, "Туся" (Tusia) is an affectionate diminutive of "Наталья" (Natalia), the artist's full name. Beridze mostly appeared as "Tusia" between 2002 and 2005, using this name for guest appearances and compilation tracks, most notably on Nikakoi's first and second albums in 2002-2003 and later on Thomas Brinkmann's fifth album in 2005, Lucky Hands CD/3xLP.

Two full-length releases specifically credited to "Tusia Beridze" were 2005 4 Women No Cry Vol. 1 2x12"/CD compilation in a new series from German label Monika Enterprise, where she represented Georgia alongside Rosario Bléfari (Argentina), Èglantine Gouzy (France) and Catarina Pratter (Austria), and her last album on Max Ernst label, The Other CD in 2007.

Name variations: T.B., Tusha, Tusja, Tutta

Aliases:Natalie Beridze, Nate Fisher, Tba (2)
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