Studio B

Real Name:
Simon Hulbert, Lewis Coleman & Harry Brooks
Originally an RnB act from London, Studio B are now considered as an electro-house act.

After reaching the dizzy heights of number 53 in the UK with debut single 'I See Girls (Crazy)' back in December 2003, there didn't look to be much left in the Studio B project. However, all changed when Boss picked up on Tom Neville's electro reworking of the track early 2005.

The single was released in conjunction with Data Records and charted at a respectable number 12 in April 2005. The follow-up single 'C'mon Get It On' was released in April 2006 as the trio look to build on the success and release an album.


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June 19, 2006
edited over 12 years ago
Studio B are a somewhat new act from London. As of right now they have 2 singles: I See Girls and C'mon Get It On. Both singles are driven on rather decent remixes by Freemasons, Tom Neville, etc. The original versions, however, seem slapped together with instruments that don't even go with the vocals. It's funny how their track I See Girls became much more popular after Tom Neville remixed it. All this just goes to show that Studio B can not produce a decent tune on their own and their vocalists along with the blokes that remix them drive their singles to the charts. I wouldn't be surprised if their vocalists went solo and released acapella tracks that top remixers make into listenable tunes. Definitely pick up their singles to listen to those remixes if you like that kind of music, because the remixes make them worth it. I am not looking forward to if they ever release an album, though.

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