PromoCompositions & Recordings

Real Name:
Sebastian Hoff
Sebastian Hoff, also known as Promo, was born on April 12 1976 and started DJing in 1992. Because he didn’t have a resident club, he organized his own events in local clubs. Because of this, he came in contact with well-known names in the hardcore scene.

At the age of 19, Sebastian produced his first track under the alias Section-8 together with The Prophet that became a hit thanks to the release on Thunderdome IX - The Revenge Of The Mummy. His success continued when he produced a remix of the song “Don't Speak”, which was called “Shut Up!” and was released on the same record (Shut Up! / Born Whappie!) as Buzz Fuzz's remix of “Born Slippy” titled “Born Whappie!”

Although it was a success, he wasn't too keen on that particular style. The gabber of the mid-90s was too happy and he missed the strong and raw sound, which was (in his opinion) the true way hardcore should sound. In 1996 Sebastian – already known as the infamous DJ Promo – was contracted by ID&T. Under the ID&T label Sebastian produced over 80 tracks and his new sound was loved by hardcore fans more and more.

In 2000 he decided to leave ID&T so he could do what he had in mind: experiment with the sound of hardcore – without restrictions of any record company – until he would find what he had been looking for. Together by his colleagues from ID&TDJ X-Ess and CatscanThe Third Movement label was brought into life. This was another step towards the direction he wanted to go. His first releases on his own new label sounded like statements against ID&T: Running Against The Rules and My Recipe For Disaster even feature a spoken message called “Move Forward”. Because of DJ X-Ess and Catscan leaving The Third Movement in 2004 to start their own label, Promo was left as the man-in-charge of The Third Movement. There he succeeded in what he had dreamt of: creating his own style and sound, and giving new names the same opportunity. Artist like D-Passion, Peaky Pounder, Tommy Pulse and an old colleague Dana were given the chance to develop their own styles respectively. Sebastian’s sound is still changing and it will keep on changing for a long time to come.