Real Name:Dmytro Fedorenko

Kotra is a moniker and main art project of Ukrainian sound-artist and promoter Dmytro Fedorenko from Kyiv, Ukraine. Many years Kotra explores his own and audiences perception limits, how music can affect body and mind at the most extreme points. Main idea behind all Kotra releases and live concerts is a way of radical transformation through the sound, as one of the most powerful abstract tools of communication. Pushing extremely loud waves to audience Kotra offers another look into irritating and disturbing physical face of music, next to it’s aesthetics side.

Besides extreme solo works Kotra explores sound in miscellaneous musical and audio-visual collaborations with such artists as Zavoloka, Abs6, Black Rain, Jeff Surak, Moljebka Pvlse, Akuvido, Tenpoint, Marek Choloniewski, Jonas Grushka, Kim Cascone, Andrey Kiritchenko, Dunaewsky69, Andreas Berthling and many other artists.

Since 1998 Kotra presents his radical ideas on many International festivals in Europe, USA and Asia.

Besides artistic works Dmytro Fedorenko also runs his label Kvitnu, curates International art projects, produces concerts and festivals Kvitnu Fest and Detali Zvuku, reads lectures and makes master classes, participates in many projects as independent consultant . , Facebook
Aliases:Dmytro Fedorenko, Variát
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