Almir Ljusa

Almir Ljusa

Real Name:
Almir Ljusa
Almir Ljusa was born on September, 25, 1983, in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He has begun DJ-ing in 2002. He has started to produce techno and house music in 2007. Famous Ben Sims, Christian Varela, Dave Clarke, D.A.V.E. The Drummer, Gaetano Parisio, James Ruskin, Joey Beltram, Marco Bailey, Michael Burkat, Samuel L. Session,Valentino Kanzyani and others have a great impacts on his work.
At the beginning of 2014. Almir Ljusa started his own label Vertex Records is a digital label focused on Techno, Hardgroove,Funky, Tribal, Driving...


Almir Ljusa Discography Tracks


CPSDIG 022 Almir Ljusa Candy Flip(8xFile, WAV) CP Series CPSDIG 022 Serbia 2011

Singles & EPs

GSOL16 Almir Ljusa & Sergio Pardo Almir Ljusa & Sergio Pardo - Hoy Llueve(5xFile, WAV, EP) Groove Soldiers Records GSOL16 Spain 2011
VVR037 Almir Ljusa El Tiempo(4xFile, WAV, EP) Válvula Records VVR037 Brazil 2011
PRR008 Almir Ljusa Eighth One Ep(4xFile, WAV, EP) Primus Recordings PRR008 Portugal 2012
CTR042 Almir Ljusa & Carbomero Almir Ljusa & Carbomero - Drag EP(3xFile, MP3, EP, 320) Capital Techno Recordings CTR042 US 2012
FAR016 Almir Ljusa District(4xFile, MP3, WAV, EP) FreakAudium Recordings FAR016 Germany 2013
VR005 Almir Ljusa Sagen EP(3xFile, WAV, EP) Vertex Records (4) VR005 Bosnia & Herzegovina 2014
VR003 Almir Ljusa Fiesta(2xFile, WAV, Single) Vertex Records (4) VR003 Bosnia & Herzegovina 2014
VR001 Almir Ljusa The Planet EP(3xFile, WAV, EP) Vertex Records (4) VR001 Bosnia & Herzegovina 2014
VR002 Almir Ljusa Burning Up(3xFile, WAV, EP) Vertex Records (4) VR002 Bosnia & Herzegovina 2014
VR004 Almir Ljusa Cuba Te(3xFile, WAV, EP) Vertex Records (4) VR004 Bosnia & Herzegovina 2014
VR013 Almir Ljusa Mode Ep(4xFile, WAV, EP) Vertex Records (4) VR013 Bosnia & Herzegovina 2015
VR007 Almir Ljusa Electronic (3xFile, WAV, EP) Vertex Records (4) VR007 Bosnia & Herzegovina 2015
VR008 Almir Ljusa Vision(6xFile, WAV, EP) Vertex Records (4) VR008 Bosnia & Herzegovina 2015
VR009 Almir Ljusa Activate Tonight (3xFile, WAV, EP) Vertex Records (4) VR009 Bosnia & Herzegovina 2015
VR017 Almir Ljusa Bulgaria EP(3xFile, WAV, EP) Vertex Records (4) VR017 Bosnia & Herzegovina 2015
VR014 Almir Ljusa Cubana (3xFile, WAV, EP) Vertex Records (4) VR014 Bosnia & Herzegovina 2015
VR024 Almir Ljusa Hydrosphere(2xFile, WAV, EP) Vertex Records (4) VR024 Bosnia & Herzegovina 2016
VR018 Almir Ljusa Panhard (3xFile, WAV, EP) Vertex Records (4) VR018 Bosnia & Herzegovina 2016
VR019 Almir Ljusa Chemical Elements (3xFile, WAV, EP) Vertex Records (4) VR019 Bosnia & Herzegovina 2016
VR022 Almir Ljusa Session (3xFile, WAV, EP) Vertex Records (4) VR022 Bosnia & Herzegovina 2016
VR030 Almir Ljusa, Primus V, DJ Brutec Almir Ljusa, Primus V, DJ Brutec - ZULU EP(3xFile, WAV, EP) Vertex Records (4) VR030 Bosnia & Herzegovina 2017
VR027 Almir Ljusa Coriolisov EP(3xFile, WAV, EP) Vertex Records (4) VR027 Bosnia & Herzegovina 2017


VR020 Almir Ljusa Regeneration (2xFile, WAV) Vertex Records (4) VR020 Bosnia & Herzegovina 2016

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