Joan Jett & The Blackhearts


Started in 1979 by Joan Jett and producer/songwriter Kenny Laguna, the original Blackhearts consisted of Eric Ambel (lead guitar), Gary Ryan (bass), and Danny Furious (drums). Danny Furious was fired after their 1980 European tour by Laguna and replaced by Lee Crystal on drums. They initially played the tracks off Joan Jett's self-titled debut album, which was self-released by Jett and Laguna on their new label Blackheart Records. The album was later reissued as "Bad Reputation" after being picked up by Neil Bogart's new label Boardwalk Records, Inc.. While recording the first Blackhearts album, "I Love Rock & Roll" Ambel was replaced by Ricky Byrd on lead guitar. Around 1985, Ryan and Crystal left the band and were replaced by Kasim Sulton on bass and Thommy Price on drums.

The following album, "Good Music" featured songs from before and after the lineup change so all artists are credited on the release. In 1989, Sulton was replaced by Phil Feit on bass and then around 1992 he was replaced by Kenny Aaronson. The band went on hiatus in the mid-90's while Jett focused on music production as well as solo and collaboration endeavors.

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Members:Acey Slade, Danny O'Brien, Dougie Needles, Enzo Penizzotto, Eric Ambel, Gary Ryan, Hal B. Selzer, Joan Jett, Kasim Sulton, Kenny Aaronson, Kenny Laguna, Lee Crystal, Ricky Byrd, Sami Takamäki, Thommy Price, Tony Rey (2)




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