The Younger Generation

The Younger Generation was a studio band/project of producer Terry Lewis (2). On the first release "We Rap More Mellow" we can hear The Furious Five (without Grandmaster Flash). The Furious Five were not credited on the record instead the name The Younger Generation was used which led to the conclusion that The Younger Generation was an alias of the Furious Five. But on all other releases other MCs or Singers were used still using the name The Younger Generation. The second release is credited to The Marvelous Three & The Younger Generation and on later releases we again hear other MCs/Singers. So we can say that the name Younger Generation was used by Terry Lewis to put out his projects that he has recorded with different artists.

In a a 2002 interview, after he talked about The Furious Five's original lineup, Melle Mel was asked, "How did the record "We Rap More Mellow" come about, and why were you called the Younger Generation?" He responded, "Terry Lewis (2) produced it and put it out without our knowledge. We didn't sign contracts or anything.....he just threw the name Younger Generation on it."