Elmer Gantry

Real Name:David Henry Trais Terry

British guitarist and vocalist. Named himself in honour of the character in the Burt Lancaster movie “Elmer Gantry”. Real name: David Terry.
Was a member of the of the bogus Fleetwood Mac band, that the then manager Clifford Davis send on a US tour in 1974 when the real Fleetwood Mac rejected the tour. The tour was stopped after a trial. Gantry later claimed that Mick Fleetwood of the original band was in on the plan to tour with a bogus band, which has been denied by Fleetwood. In 1975 Gantry and other musicians from the bogus band formed Stretch and wrote their hit "Why did you do it" in a direct comment on Mick Fleetwoods denial of taking part in the bogus band tour.

Aliases:Dave Terry (4)
In Groups:Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera
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