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Screwed Up Click, or S.U.C. as it is often referred to, is one of Houston's premiere rap collectives. The click originally formed from people who spent a lot of time in DJ Screw's house, hanging out and listening as Screw would record his slowed-down mixtapes. DJ Screw would ask some of these people to freestyle on instrumentals or "host" a mixtape by just talking on it.
The click has probably atleast twice or thrice the amount of members listed here, but many of these people have never released anything by theirselves and have just rapped on Screw's tapes, People like Lil' Flip have stated that there was over 150 members in the group but only 50 of them that actually rapped.
Some artists who are not "real" members of the group have also appeared on the tapes, and they are often labeled "S.U.C. affiliated." The best example of this would probably be UGK who appeared on a few mixtapes.
With the passing (Fat Pat, H.A.W.K., Big Steve, Big Mello & DJ Screw) or incarceration (K-Kay & Mike D) of many of its prominent members, the Click has gradually disbanded to a degree, as some members have moved on with their careers or affiliated themselves with other collectives.

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Members:3-4 Action, 380-D, A.C.T., A.D. (44), ACT (21), AGG (2), Albert Davis (3), Archie Harris, B.G. Gator, Bam (17), Big A (17), Big Bub (2), Big DeMo (2), Big Duck, Big E (14), Big Floyd, Big Horace, Big Jut, Big Lenny, Big Nate (5)
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