Vargavinter (2)


Swedish folk and world music group. They drew inspiration from the Balkans, India, Scotland and China, among others.

The group released two albums. The first, Vargavinter was recorded live at a café in Gamla Stan in Stockholm and was released on Silence Records in 1976. Jörgen Adolfsson, Christer Bothén, Tuomo Haapala, Jan Hellberg, Marie Selander and Kjell Westling participated in this. In 1977, the group was recorded by Swedish Television at a concert at Södra Teatern in Stockholm. The group's second and final album, Voices from All Countries, was released in 1980 on A Memory for Life / MNW. Several members had now left the group and left from the first album were Adolfsson, Haapala and Selander. However, Anita Livstrand had joined the band.

Members:Anita Livstrand, Christer Bothén, Jan Hellberg, Jörgen Adolfsson, Kjell Westling, Marie Selander, Tuomo Haapala


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