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Avery Strok

Avery Strok's music is the sound of the universe. His first four releases run the gamut between hypnotic ambient drones, Musique Concrète, minimalist dub, and restrained noise.

Though Avery had played in Toronto's underground music scene in the early 90's, it took a few more years for his experimental sound to finally come to the fore. Fuelled by his love of both harsh industrial noise and ambient soundscapes, he unleashed 'The Fair God', in 2000. Three meticulous full length forays into the unknown were borne in the following few years, 'Ting Tang and Poon Yang', 'Seeds of Sorrow' and 'The Deafening Silence'.

Then in 2008, Avery and his childhood friend, Richard Vainio started a band, The Deadly Organs. Under that name, they released one track, "Do You Think If I Spanked You, You'd Be Good?", along with a video. This has since been described as Power Electronics. Shortly after, the project changed names (but not sound), and became Lorde Awesome. Avery and Richard have been the nucleus of Lorde Awesome since 2008 and continue to be.

Some of his most recent works, along with selections from his third and fourth releases will be featured in the forthcoming full length feature film, 'Nuclear Hope', by director Colin Scheyen.
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BASTARD1CD Avery Strok The Fair God(CDr, Han) Little Bastard BASTARD1CD Canada 2000 Sell This Version
BASTARD2CD Avery Strok Ting Tang And Poon Yang(CDr, Album, Han) Little Bastard BASTARD2CD Canada 2003 Sell This Version
BASTARD3CD Avery Strok Seeds Of Sorrow(CDr, Album, Han) Little Bastard BASTARD3CD Canada 2004 Sell This Version
BASTARD4CD Avery Strok The Deafening Silence(CDr, Album, Han) Little Bastard BASTARD4CD Canada 2006 Sell This Version

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