East Flatbush Project

Real Name:
Spencer Bellamy
East Flatbush Project is the brainchild of Spencer Bellamy, who was originally a DJ for rap pioneer Howie Tee.
The project was developed to feature local Brooklyn rappers, and the debut single, "Can't Hold It Back," was released in 1994. But it was the next single, "Tried by 12," that took the hip-hop community by storm, as well as the electronic world. Ninja Tune and Chocolate Industries licensed the tune and released an EP featuring remixes by Squarepusher, Autechre, Funkstörung, and Herbaliser. Bellmany released three more singles -- "Ruste Juxx" (featuring Ruste Juxx of Boot Camp Clik), "Everything We Spit Is Hard," and "Head to Head" -- but never equaled the success of "Tried by 12."

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October 18, 2003
They have released another 4 12s and I'll try and list them later. Unfortunately though for you they aren't blip hop at all but rather regular post-Marley Marl style NY thug rap (of the excellent variety) and it is only the ninja remixes that you could describe as blip-hop.
The track Tried by 12 in its original form is a bit of a HIphop anthem, and I guess thats why some more blippy folks got a hold of it for remixing. The man behind it is Spencer Bellamy who is a bit of a genius on the quiet.

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