TJ Swann

The original TJ Swann hails from Harlem, but travelled throughout the boroughs of New York, as a DJ and appreciator of the fertile scene in the New York in the 70s. During his peak years, circa 1973-1979, he was playing at some of the biggest clubs and/or most beloved clubs in New York City and the surrounding boroughs; including Bentley's, Broadway International, Nemos, Harlem World, etc...

As a MC, he recorded several records for Express Records between 1979-81, both solo and with various members of his crew, including Pee Wee Mel, Barry B (R.I.P), Les Love, & Solo Sound.

TJ Swann continued to remain active as a DJ, as well as years on the radio, well past his time as one of the top DJs in New York, including once he relocated to South Carolina.
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July 28, 2018
I'm pretty sure that is the wrong TJ Swann both pictured and linked to FB here. The correct TJ Swann would be here:

that can be verified by going into his photos and seeing flyers about these songs on Express Records.

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