R. Stevie Moore

Real Name:Robert Steven Moore

Robert Steven Moore, also known as R. Stevie Moore or RSM, is an american musician born January 18, 1952 in Nashville, Tennessee, son of Bob Moore, brother of Linda Moore, and nephew of Harry Palmer (4).
Considered the singer and songwriter who pioneered lo-fi/DIY music, often called the "godfather of home recording", and one of the most recognized artists of the cassette underground. His influence is particularly felt in the bedroom and hypnagogic pop artists of the post-millennium. Since 1968, he has self-released approximately 400 albums, while about three dozen "official" albums (largely compilations) have been issued on various labels.
He has announced his retirement from all musical activity and interviews, through his website on the 2019 New Year's Eve. , , X , Instagram , Instagram , Bandcamp , Vimeo , YouTube , YouTube , Wikipedia
In Groups:Ethos (8), Hotgun, Prohibituary, The Steinberg/Moore Chorus, The Yung & Moore Show
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