Starpause Discography

biodata-03 Peukjunkr@yahoo.co.uk* & Starpawz612@yahoo.com* Peukjunkr@yahoo.co.uk* & Starpawz612@yahoo.com* - Tea Ech Cee Knowbz(File, ogg) Biodata biodata-03 Venezuela 2003
none Starpause / K9d Starpause / K9d - The High Quality Texture Of Pure Shit(Floppy, 3,5") Floppy Swop none UK 2004 Sell This Version
hex0003 Starpause Burke Stank(File, MP3 + File, lgp) Hexawe hex0003 US 2007
hex0014 Starpause Condoms(File, MP3 + File, lgp) Hexawe hex0014 US 2007
hex0000 Starpause Babe(File, MP3 + File, lgp) Hexawe hex0000 US 2007
hex001D Starpause Charges(File, MP3 + File, lgp) Hexawe hex001D US 2008
hex0035 Starpause Chastek9d(File, MP3, 192) Hexawe hex0035 2011