Real Name:
Ансамбль «Каданс» Германа Лукьянова
Cadence was a Soviet chamber jazz ensemble, established in 1978 by German Lukyanov. The band had been performing Lukyanov's original compositions and heavily re-arranged jazz standards. Cadence toured around the USSR extensively and participated in a few foreign festivals, including Nord Sea Jazz (1984) in Hague and Jazz Jamboree Festival in Poland. Most musicians played multiple instruments, so the small group of six people had a timbre and expressive variety of a big-band. Lukyanov used complicated rhythmic patterns, unusual arrangement techniques, chromatics, atonality, dodecaphony. Some critics considered Cadence to be one of the most innovative and advanced Soviet jazz bands of the 1970-80s.

In 1990, Lukyanov disbanded Cadence since he couldn't afford to keep a larger ensemble due to an economic crisis. Instead, he started performing in a smaller trio with pianist and drummer, collaborating with Léo Kushnir, Yakov Okun (son of Mikhail Okun, one of the original members of Cadence), Vano Avaliani, and Dmitri Sevastianov.

German Lukyanov reformed Cadence with a new line-up in 2007 and released two albums since then. The name of the band is an abbreviation in Russian: КАДАНС = Камерный Джаз-Ансамбль (translated as "Chamber Jazz Ensemble").

Original line-up
German Lukyanov – piano, trumpet, flugelhorn, alto horn, slide whistle
Yuri Yurenkov – alto saxophone, flute
Nikolai Panov – tenor saxophone, flute
Mikhail Okun – piano
Valery Kutsinsky – double bass
Valery Kaplun – drums


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