Real Name:
P. Heinen, J. Becker, A. Hussenot
Created by P. Heinen and A. Hussenot in 1987, Kalk was originally a band who produced themselves during art exhibitions. After several experiences on stage as a duet, the band grew up with the apparition of some musicians and gave a few concerts. In those times, Kalk oscillated between industrial music and acoustic experimentations. The meeting of P. Heinen, A. Hussenot and J. Becker in 1994 opened new prospects and the band took an electronic turn. The band mixed the influences of each member and organised their first totally electronic concerts. Kalk played during several local events such as "Nemesis" (Butte de Mousson, France, 54), next to Jack De Marseille in September 1994, or at "Inductions" at the Zenith (Nancy, France, 54) next to Carl Cox, Laurent Garnier and Jeff Mills in July 1995, this party allowed them to play in front of thousands of people for the first time.
After A. Hussenot left the band, Kalk signed their first titles on the compilations of the label RKG (Paris, France), appeared at some concerts (as on the musical channel MCM during the show Zoom²) and signed a remix of "Trapped" from Colonel Abrams. The duet signed their first EP, "Akasha", on the label Brif Records in 1998 and choose a more mobile live formula which allowed them to play at "L’Enfer" in Paris.
The meeting of the New-York Singer Mandel Turner allowed the band to produce their second EP ("Kalk EP") which received international success. Kalk became resident DJ's at the Rex Club in Paris for the Brif’in parties and were remixed by the famous Mateo & Matos on the compilation "I Love Aline". Today, Kalk own their own production studio and produce club orientated stuff and multimedia experimentations, such as the project "KM" devellopped in June 2002 by A. Hussenot.

Singles & EPs

BRIF 003 Kalk - Äkäsha album art Kalk Äkäsha Brif Records BRIF 003 France 1998 Sell This Version
BRIF 006 Kalk - In The Spirit album art Kalk In The Spirit(12") Brif Records BRIF 006 France 1998 Sell This Version