Tony Williams

Real Name:Anthony Williams

British reggae radio/club DJ, producer, awards creator.

Died: 30 April 2018.

For the American jazz drummer, see Anthony Williams
For the Platters group member, see Tony Williams (2)
For the US sax / flute player from Philadelphia, PA, see Tony Williams (4)
For the British bassist, see Tony Williams (6)
For the producer of Spotlite Records, see Tony Williams (13)

Initially, Williams was a DJ in various soul/funk clubs in London in the 1970s. Later, he became known as an underground electrofunk producer in the early-mid 1980s, especially as leading member of the group Funk Masters (aka T.W. Funk Masters), whose biggest track regularly played in disco clubs globally, titled "Love Money" (1980).

However, he is probably best known both for his influential reggae show called Reggae Time, which aired on BBC Radio London between 1977-1987, and also as creator of the British Reggae Industry Awards, which highlighted the talent of many UK reggae artists.

Williams took over the 'Reggae Time' show on BBC London from Steve Barnard (2) in 1977. Typically playing lovers rock reggae style, he renamed it 'Reggae Rockers', and made it one of the most popular reggae shows on the airwaves in London on a Sunday afternoon, with a special emphasis on British talent.

He later went on to recognise the work of these artists by establishing the British Reggae Industry Awards which catapulted many UK artists to international success.

Williams was always pushing for reggae music to be played on the radio airwaves, doing this by running his own stations including Rockers FM and Rhythm 365 – they did not have commercial licences but nonetheless served community-based listeners and supporters.

His older brother Spencer Williams, who died in October 2016, who was a popular nightclub entrepreneur as well as beauty and talent show impresario of the 1970s and 1980s.

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