Real Name:
Vladislav Sikach
SiJ is an Ukrainian industrial/dark ambient project consisting of two members Vladislav Sikach and Alena Perepadya. SiJ was created by Vladislav Sikach in March 2011 in attempt to develop unique sound combined with various industrial features mostly in sombre dark ambient way. For this reason, SiJ uses great number of instruments such as various guitars, drums and synthetizers as well as handmade mechanical or electromachanical sound devices.
Recently SiJ started to use field recordings made in various places from urban streets to abandoned military and industrial facilities. Another tools for creating SiJ's soundscapes are VST-technologies, digital sound processing and CSound sound-synthesizing programming language.
SiJ used to cooperate with many ambient, dark ambient, drone, industrial and noise projects as well as with people who work only with field recordings.
All SiJ works come with special graphic design made by photographer and designer Alena Perepadya.

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SiJ Discography Tracks


SiJ Deep In Space (MiniAlbum, EP) Depressive Illusions Records Ukraine 2011 Sell This Version
SiJ B.J.D IV (Album) GV Sound Ukraine 2011 Sell This Version
GV-006 SiJ B.J.D. III(5xFile, Album, FLAC) GV Sound GV-006 Ukraine 2011
GV-004 SiJ Zone 1301(5xFile, FLAC, Album) GV Sound GV-004 Ukraine 2011
GV-001 SiJ B.J.D. I(File, FLAC, Album) GV Sound GV-001 Ukraine 2011
GV-018 82-75 / Speck (6) / SiJ 82-75 / Speck (6) / SiJ - Мечтая о ...(6xFile, FLAC, Album) GV Sound GV-018 Ukraine 2011
GV-002 SiJ B.J.D. II(File, FLAC, Album) GV Sound GV-002 Ukraine 2011
GV-003 SiJ There Will Come Soft Rains(File, FLAC, Album) GV Sound GV-003 Ukraine 2011
SiJ Influence Of Darkness (Album) Radiodrone Records Russia 2012 Sell This Version
SiJ Fragments Of Memories (Album, MiniAlbum) Petroglyph Music Norway 2012 Sell This Version
SiJ & Particula (2) SiJ & Particula (2) - The Long Afternoon Of Earth (Album) Kalpamantra UK 2012
GV-077 SiJ & RMSS Systems Inc. SiJ & RMSS Systems Inc. - B.J.D V(File, FLAC, Album) GV Sound GV-077 Poland 2012
KM042 SiJ & Particula (2) SiJ & Particula (2) - Age Of The Future(4xFile, MP3, 320) Kalpamantra KM042 UK 2012
GV-095 SiJ & RMSS Systems Inc. SiJ & RMSS Systems Inc. - Bizarre Blizzard(4xFile, Album, FLAC) GV Sound GV-095 Poland 2012
SiJ Daguérose (Album) Hidden Vibes Ukraine 2013 Sell This Version
SiJ Vale Of Forgotten Sounds (Album) Ancient Language Records Romania 2013 Sell This Version
SiJ & WMRI SiJ & WMRI - Nightwave (Album) USC Russia 2013 Sell This Version
SiJ & Creation VI SiJ & Creation VI - Enchanted Island (Album) DNA Production Russia 2013
SiJ & RMSS Systems Inc. SiJ & RMSS Systems Inc. - Incorporated Ambit Of Lifeless Space (Album, MiniAlbum) Haze (2) France 2013
|ENDQUE012| SiJ Land Of The Mind(12xFile, FLAC, Album, 24 ) Endless [SHF] Quest |ENDQUE012| Russia 2013
GV-225 Astral & Shit / SiJ Astral & Shit / SiJ - Plenma Darwuta(File, FLAC, Album) GV Sound GV-225 Ukraine 2013
SiJ The Water Shrine (Album) earthMantra Russia 2014 Sell This Version
SiJ Way To Dream (Album) Not On Label (SiJ Self-Released) Russia 2014 Sell This Version
SiJ The Brink Of Time (Album) Hidden Vibes Russia 2014 Sell This Version
SiJ The End (Album) batenim netlabel Russia 2014 Sell This Version