Tom Müller

Real Name:
Thomas Müller
Worked as a pianist before learning his trade at the "Schule Für Rundfunktechnik" in Nürnberg.
His first studio engagement was at Audio Studios, Berlin from June 1969 to June 1972. He then worked for nearly 20 years as chiefengineer and producer at the Hansa Tonstudios in West-Berlin (June 1972 till September 1989).
In November 1987 he started operating his mastering studio called TTM Mastering (sometimes also referred to as Tonstudio Tom Müller or T.T.M. Mastering GmbH) in Berlin, Germany.
He is also co-owns the company "Handgebrannt Geschenkartikel-Vertriebs-GmbH" for personalized audio CD.
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