Agalloch was formed in 1996 in Portland, Oregon - in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. Their music has "bridged the gap between gothic doom, black metal, neofolk, post rock, and industrial / ambient soundscapes."

On May 19, 2016, the band announced that they have parted ways and that the name Agalloch has been permanently laid to rest.
Full quote:
"Following 20 years, 5 full length albums, many tours around the world, and numerous other recordings, John Haughm and the rest of the band (Don Anderson, Jason Walton, and Aesop Dekker) have parted ways. What the future holds for the separate parties remains undetermined but the name Agalloch has been permanently laid to rest. We collectively thank all of our fans across the world. There are also way too many other people to thank who made this band possible. You know who you are."

On April 18, 2023, a reunion show in the original line-up was announced for the Prophecy Fest festival in Balve, Germany in September 2023.

John Haughm - Vocals, Guitars (plus other instruments)
Don Anderson - Guitars (plus other instruments)
Jason William Walton - Bass
Aesop Dekker - Drums

Former Members:
Shane Breyer - Keyboards
Chris Greene - Drums

Agalloch (also Agallocha, Agallochum) is a soft, resinous wood of highly aromatic smell, burnt as a perfume.

Sites:Facebook , Bandcamp , MySpace , Wikipedia
Members:Aesop Dekker, Chris Greene (3), Don Anderson, Jason William Walton, John Haughm, Shane Breyer




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