Phillip Mitchell

Real Name:Leroy Phillip Mitchell

Born Leroy Phillip Mitchell in Louisville, Kentucky on 27 June 1944.
By 1978 he was on the West Coast to cut the first of two albums he did for Atlantic Records. 'Make It Good' (as Prince Phillip Mitchell) from which two singles were taken. 'One On One / Only Smoke Remains' which made the R&B charts and 'You're All I Got In The World / Falling From Heaven'. Another album followed in 1979 called 'Top Of The Line'. Again two singles were released, both making the charts. 'Let's Get Wet / Paying The Price' & 'If It Ain't Love It'll Go Away / I'm So Happy'.
During this period Phillip provided two solo tracks and a duet with Eleanore Mills on Norman Connors' 1977 LP 'Romantic Journey'. He also 'ghosted' the vocal on Ray Barretto's Atlantic single in 1978.
However, it would be 1986 before he made his next album, this time for Ichiban. 'Devastation' was the title and was recorded again at Muscle Shoals Sound.
He composed the whole album and 'You're Gonna Come Back To Love' as a minor hit. He made an appearance in the UK in 1988. Another Ichiban album 'Loner' was released in 1991. ,
In Groups:The Checkmates (23)
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