Skins Army

Skins Army was one of the first fascist Italian Oi! bands. In their lyrics there are so much nationalism and a little bit of fascist argouments (like the song "Boia Chi Molla", one of the famous fascist motto). They came from Faenza (Emilia Romagna) and after Skins Army all the band members involved into "Fronte Della Gioventu", a youthful organization of MSI (right wing party). Another one guy with the name Riccardo play the bass once with them and now he play in the sharp band Reazione. Their line up was: Calboz-vocals, Ivan-guitar, Riccardo Gnoli-bass, Pantera-drums. Demo tape 'Le Strade' released in 1984. They have also one tape included the same songs and 'Boia Chi Molla' and another one live tape.


Skins Army Discography Tracks


CD-01-2000 Skins Army - Notte Meccanica album art Skins Army Notte Meccanica(CDr, Album) Antisocial Production CD-01-2000 Europe 2000 Sell This Version