Clara Moroni

Real Name:Clara Elena Moroni

Clara Moroni is one of the founders of the Delta label. She has been a vocalist for labels such as Asia Records, Time Records and has also released a solo album called Ten Worlds which contains tracks in an alternative rock style, in which she had once performed in the early 1980s. Clara Moroni as a vocalist and writer is considered one of the Queens of Eurobeat. Her first track in eurobeat was Looking Out (1988) under the alias Mela. , Facebook
Aliases:Candy Taylor, Carmen Diva, Cherry (2), Claire Newfield, Clara Newfield, Dee Shannon, Divina, Golden Age, Jacqueline (3), Lady Lust, Lee Anderson (3), Leila (3), Madame X (2), Marianne (4), Melanie Bell (2), Mirka (3), Name, Paula Fina, Priscilla, Stef (4)
In Groups:Alexis (2), Angie Davies, Anika (2), Annabelle, Antares (3), Antonella, Belladonna (3), Carol Lee, Chip Chip, Claire Deny, Concept One, Delta All Stars, Delta Queens, Denise (2), Dirty Roses, Doki Doki, Dolly, Donna (3), Drama (4), Edyta
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