Mark N-R-G

Real Name:Alexander Troitzsch

Mark NRG, a DJ and music producer from Frankfurt / Germany, began his career in 1989 and stepped back from DJing in 2002. He produced over 50 records across his different projects and worked in several music recording studios as a sound engineer and producer. Mark NRG is celebrated for his artistic experimentation, as well as his ability to evoke emotion, forge connections, and liberate energy through music. Early in his career, Mark NRG blended elements of jazz and hip-hop with house, techno, and industrial. His releases, such as the "Escalation EP" and "Syquest EP", along with his first album "Early Works & Final News," set milestones in the techno scene and sounded acoustically brilliant in club settings. As a key figure in Frankfurt's techno scene, he played a significant role in shaping the sound of the well-known Overdrive record label. He rose to prominence quickly, securing gigs at clubs and raves not only in Germany but also across Europe, the US and Australia. Mark NRG was especially appreciated for his mastery in blending house and techno, often playing extended sets in cliubs and at after-hour parties. In the mid-'90s, he shook up the scene with a series of club bangers that fused techno, house, and rave. Tracks like "Don't Stop," "House Music," "Brain is the Weapon," and "There's No Return" achieved significant commercial success, particularly in the UK, and were released on Tripoli Trax.

In addition to DJing, Mark NRG also gave live performances, where he played his own music live on stage, differentiating it from his DJ sets. He performed as a DJ or live act at many clubs in Germany, including Wartburg (Wiesbaden), M (Mainz), Easy (Diez), Dorian Gray (Frankfurt), XS (Frankfurt), Nachtleben (Frankfurt), Pulverturm (Munich), Unit (Hamburg), Bunker (Berlin), Index (Cologne), and Katakomben (Krefeld) and many many more. His international DJing gigs spanned venues such as Heaven (Switzerland), Prohibition, Trade, Eurobeat 2000, and Blue Note (London, UK), as well as Limelight in NYC. He also played at raves like Mayday, Universe, and Time Warp in Germany, Energy in Switzerland, and the Winter Music Conference in Miami, among other big events in Holland, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Russia, Australia, and Canada. As a warm-up DJ, he supported acts like The Prodigy and Moby during their tours. His last series of live performances took place on Cosmic Baby's Heaven Tour '99, where he performed a total of 20 live gigs.

In Groups:Cell-U-Loid, Humanoids From The Deep, Jim Clarke, Overboust, Resonance 44
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