Bob Sinclar

Real Name:Christophe Le Friant

Born: 10 May 1969 in Douarnenez, Brittany, France.

Grammy Award-nominated French record producer, house music DJ & remixer, and owner of the label Yellow Productions. The last name of his stage name is pronounced “Sinclair” (like British computer/engineering brand named after Sir Clive Sinclair), and is often misspelled like this on releases and in publications.
Noted French house svengali, head honcho of ultra-hip independent label Yellow Productions, and responsible of The Mighty Bop project. Chris lives in Le Marais, the gay quarter of Paris, the city in which he learnt to play his trade as a funk, rap and French hip-hop DJ in 1986, when he was 18.

Chris 'Le French Kiss' got the name Bob Sinclar from a French spy movie ("Le Magnifique" directed by Philippe de Broca) and first adopted, to a certain extent, the attitude portrayed by the character in the film. In 1998, the release of Sinclar's first album "Paradise" sparked a storm of controversy. Thomas Bangalter's song "Gym Tonic", which was included on the album without Bangalter's consent, caused legal issues when it used an illegal sample of Jane Fonda.
However, in 2000, Sinclar's second opus "Champs Élysées" confirmed his success with hits such as "I Feel For You" and "Darlin' ".
Other releases from that period includes his collaboration with Disco artist Cerrone for a compilation of remixes, and the popular Africanism series, which was more deep house oriented.
Dropping the original concept of "Bob Sinclar" after that, the release of "III" (2003) and of "Western Dream" (2006) established him as a popular/commercial DJ. His remixing skills are notable, as he worked for artists such as Ian Pooley, Jamiroquai, Dimitri From Paris, Moby, Fused, and Madonna.
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Aliases:Bob From Paris, Chris The French Kiss, Christophe Le Friant, Desmond K, Ingrid De Lambre, Mister B (4)
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