Odair José

Odair José

Real Name:
Odair José de Araújo
Born: August/08/1948, Morrinhos, Goiás, Brazil
It is a Brazilian singer and composer of popular-romantic-tacky style.
Period activity in: 1970 - present

Odair José was one of the most successful artists in the '70s and the most successful one in the brega segment. Odair José started as a self-taught musician, learning to play the violão (acoustic guitar), the piano, and the harmonica at ten. He formed a Brazilian country duo with a friend and moved to Rio de Janeiro RJ at the age 18. There he worked at circuses and bars in working-class boroughs. Soon he was producing songs that described the sad atmosphere of the night in that environment. His first composition, "Eu Vou Tirar Você Deste Lugar" (I'll Take You Outta Here), told a story about a man in love with a prostitute. Becoming one of his hits, Odair José performed it with Caetano Veloso at the Phono 73 show, along with "Pare de Tomar a Pílula," another creation by José. In 1970 had one of his compositions recorded for the first time, "Chato e Atrevido," by vocalist Denise Barreto. It was the beginning of success, Odair José sold millions of copies of his albums, from the first one, recorded that year, through the ten others until 1994. In 1977 he wrote the rock opera "O Filho de José e Maria", coming to be labeled as the "Bob Dylan Brazilian." He was excommunicated by the Catholic Church in 1978 because of disc "O Filho de José e Maria" . About this he said: "Nothing has changed in my life"
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Odair José Discography


37692 Odair José Odair José(LP, Album, Mono) CBS 37692 Brazil 1970 Sell This Version
137727 Odair José Meu Grande Amor(LP, Album) CBS 137727 Brazil 1971 Sell This Version
Odair José Assim Sou Eu... (Album) Polyfar Brazil 1972 Sell This Version
2451 034 Odair José Odair José(LP, Album) Polydor 2451 034 Brazil 1973 Sell This Version
2451 046 Odair José Lembranças(LP, Album) Polydor 2451 046 Brazil 1974 Sell This Version
2451 063 Odair José Odair(LP, Album) Polydor 2451 063 Brazil 1975 Sell This Version
2451 075 Odair José Histórias E Pensamentos(LP, Album) Polydor 2451 075 Brazil 1975 Sell This Version
103.0206 Odair José O Filho De José E Maria(LP, Album) RCA Victor 103.0206 Brazil 1977 Sell This Version
103.0255 Odair José Coisas Simples(LP, Album) RCA Victor 103.0255 Brazil 1978 Sell This Version
1.01.404.200 Odair José Odair José(LP, Album) Continental (3) 1.01.404.200 Brazil 1979 Sell This Version
1.01.404.236 Odair José Odair José(LP, Album) Continental (3) 1.01.404.236 Brazil 1980 Sell This Version
31C 040.422301 Odair José Viva E Deixa Viver(LP, Album) EMI 31C 040.422301 Brazil 1981 Sell This Version
31C 040.422307 Odair José Odair José(LP, Album) EMI 31C 040.422307 Brazil 1982 Sell This Version
31C 040 422315 Odair José Fome De Amor(LP, Album) EMI 31C 040 422315 Brazil 1983 Sell This Version
31C 040 4223120 Odair José Eu, Você E O Sofá(LP, Album) EMI 31C 040 4223120 Brazil 1984 Sell This Version
31C 040 422 327 Odair José Odair José(LP, Album) EMI 31C 040 422 327 Brazil 1985 Sell This Version
308.6112 Odair José Odair José(LP, Album) RGE 308.6112 Brazil 1986 Sell This Version
310.6009 Odair José Odair José(LP, Album) RGE 310.6009 Brazil 1987 Sell This Version
303.6165 Odair José Odair José(LP, Album) RGE 303.6165 Brazil 1989 Sell This Version
613.037 Odair José Odair José(LP, Album) Copacabana 613.037 Brazil 1990 Sell This Version
603.013 Odair José Odair José(LP, Album) Copacabana 603.013 Brazil 1992 Sell This Version
141.401 Odair José Odair José(LP, Album) Harmony (4) 141.401 Brazil 1993 Sell This Version
996440-1 Odair José Luiz Acesa(LP, Album) Continental (3) 996440-1 Brazil 1994 Sell This Version
RDI 1051 Odair José Lágrimas(CD, Album) Bahamas Songs RDI 1051 Brazil 1998 Sell This Version
7314 547953 2 Odair José Ao Vivo(CD, Album, Liv) Globo Universal 7314 547953 2 Brazil 1999 Sell This Version

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