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Dirty South Rydaz or DSR is a southern musical rap group from Dallas, Texas with current members Big Tuck, Tum Tum, Fat Bastard, Double T, Lil' Ronnie,and Addiction.
Dj Curious formed the group D.S.R. by compiling together the best rappers from the Dallas area. Dj Curious worked with the original members Big Tuck, Addition & o'e Tha Thrilla (DSP), P-Cotrain & A-Wax per his mixtape series Dj Curious Presents… George Lopez saw that Dj Curious had put together some great mixtapes using Dallas Freestyle Artists and wanted to take the underground rap in Dallas, Tx to another level. George Lopez got with Dj Curious and asked him to start a group called Dirty South Rydaz (DSR) which would consist of the best freestyle artist that rapped for Dj Curious at the time. After a few weeks of contemplating doing this, Dj Curious got his core members together and recorded "The Freestyle Massacre Vol. 1" in January of 2002. Upon completing "Freestyle Massacre" Dj Curious ran into an old friend Chopper at T-Town Music Store while dropping off the master disk for pressing. Chopper told Dj Curious that he and some just recorded a demo and wanted to get down with DSR. Dj Curious asked for the demo and Chopper stated that was their only copy and insisted that he and his friends freestyle for him, the friends were Tum-Tum, Fat Bastard, and Double-T. After that they were put into the group and into the recording studio two weeks later recording "From Dallas To The Kappa Vol. 2". Dj Curious & George Lopez brought both clicks together and made the classic "Untammed Gorillas Vol.3" Double Disk. This Album was recorded in March of 2002. Then in the summer of 2002 (June) the Dirty South Rydaz recorded "The Pre-Game Vol. 4" DSR's ONLY Freestyle Album (No Pen or No Pad). After this album they couldn't be denied and their buzz picked up and they started recording their first studio album with original tracks in July. The Album & "Vol. 5" was recored at the same time. The "Vol. 5" mixtape was released in August of 2002 and The Album was released shortly thereafter in September of 2002. But along with success comes problems, Founding member Dj Curious & George Lopez childhood friends came into differences. Dj Curious then left the group. But the Dirty South Rydaz continued to put together countless hit underground albums & mixtapes which lead to the signing to Universal Republic Records. , Facebook , X , Instagram , MySpace , Soundcloud ,
Members:Addiction (6), Cedric Leejuan Tuck, DJ Curious, Double T (3), G. Miller (5), Lil Ronnie, T. Richardson (2)
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