Just Us (9)

Just Us (9)

In early 1965, singer Bobby Neilson aka Neil Merryweather (born Robert Neilson Lillie, 27 December 1945, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) replaced Muir and the group changed its name to The Ookpiks (after a native-designed stuffed toy owl called Ookpik that was being promoted by the Canadian government). As another Ookpiks group already existed, they briefly became The Sikusis after another stuffed toy, but were unable to get permission from the Canadian government to use the name without compensation and settled on The Just Us. Through all of this they recorded a lone single on the Quality record label, which failed to sell - possibly due in part to confusion caused by the fact that some copies showed The Ookpiks, some The Sikusis and some The Just Us.


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1738X Just Us (9) I Can Tell(7", Single) Quality 1738X Canada 1965 Sell This Version