Geoff Barrow

Real Name:Geoffrey Paul Barrow

Born: December 9, 1971, Walton in Gordano, North Somerset, England

The producer behind Portishead, Geoff Barrow got his start as a tape operator at Bristol's Coach House studio during sessions for Neneh Cherry's second album, Homebrew. Barrow co-produced "Somedays" on that album, hinting at the sound that was to make Portishead such a phenomenal success.

During Portishead's popularity, Barrow produced numerous remixes for artists such as Massive Attack, Paul Weller and Earthling. Most of these remixes were credited to Portishead.

Since Portishead's last commercial releases, Barrow has continued to contribute remixes and production work under his own name and various pseudonyms (including the Portishead moniker). As "The Jimi Entley Sound", he was behind a 300-copy limited issue cover of "Apache" (backed with "Charlie's Theme") on the Espionage label. As "Fuzzface", Barrow produced (with Tim Saul) Stephanie McKay's 2003 debut album. As "D.R.U.N.K." he remixed the first single from Earthling's long-awaited second album, Humandust (2004).

In 2002 he co-founded Invada Records in Australia with Katalyst (Ashley Anderson) and Fraser Stuart.

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Aliases:D.R.U.N.K., Fuzzface (2), Jimi Entley Sound
In Groups:Beak>, Portishead, Quakers, Tough Company, The Soul Santas
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