Hasil Adkins gsheputis

October 6, 2014
edited about 1 year ago
This is the Holy Grail of ALL music, the rawest and truest and most honest songs from a man who lived a totally psycho-hillbilly life, and put it to music. Nothing can come close to this music of a man singin', playin', and stompin' out experiences in his life in a musical form. NOTHING - not in any genre of expression of life in music in existence. Not just roll over Beethoven, roll over every motherfucker who ever sang a word or played a note. Now just go get the 'Out To Hunch' comp and let it have it's place as the Crown Jewel of your otherwise measly collection of music.

Hasil Adkins CallMeHam

September 14, 2016
I totally agree with you.A music life Hasil rest in peace.