Sun City Girls MrGonorrhea

January 22, 2019
I love this band so much. Very grateful for the torch of the mystics reissue. Hopefully theres more to come.

Sun City Girls mpistrui

April 25, 2017
keep an eye out, as at some point more re - issues will happen, :)

Sun City Girls jjrambert

September 30, 2015
There you have it, folks--Torch of the Mystics will be reissued very soon.

Sun City Girls ahr2nd

November 5, 2015
Just added the CD version

Sun City Girls djseansv

July 25, 2015
edited over 3 years ago
Besides criminal prices, some releases aren't even around for purchase >.>
So much great music form these guys, still discovering more

Sun City Girls jjrambert

June 9, 2015
Richard Bishop has suggested the possibility of vinyl reissues of some of the early SCG albums in recent interviews. It didn't sound as though anything was in the works, just that it was a consideration.

Sun City Girls antipho

November 1, 2015
Torch Of The Mystics RI out now.

Sun City Girls ryanpagan

May 5, 2014
Seriously seconding this opinion. The prices people are charging for old SCG stuff is criminal.

Sun City Girls Citizen_Drucker

February 19, 2014
I interviewed Alan Bishop in college and asked him about this. Unfortunately, he said he felt that it was always more worthwhile for the band to release new music and spend their money that way then go back and make more presses of old stuff. While I greatly respect that, it surely is a bummer for those of us who didn't have a chance to buy the music then.

Sun City Girls Alverthorpe

October 13, 2013
It is a such a shame and a wonder that the early Sun City Girls albums have not been re-released. I Have much of the music on mp3-sourced from vinyl, but I'm sure I'm not alone in wanting to see a series of CD releases. Does anyone familiar with the band or situation have any information regarding future possibilities. This is way too important of a band not to reach younger ears.

Sun City Girls antipho

November 1, 2015
Torch Of The Mystics RI out now, more reissues to come.

Sun City Girls gravalax

January 7, 2014
I'm completely with you. Was actually looking for MP3s of the older cassettes, specifically Multiple Hallucinations...

You wouldn't be able to help, would you? Thanks.