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Technoir (4)

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Ronnie Minder
Ronnie Minder is an award-winning film composer whose score for Australian Western 'The Legend of Ben Hall' (Executive produced by Greg McLean 'Wolf Creek') was short-listed for a Best Score Oscar at the 89th Academy Awards®. Inspired by the music of Vangelis, Ennio Morricone and Klaus Doldinger, Swiss-born Minder started to compose at an early age, always knowing his path would ultimately lead to scoring for the big screen.

Before scoring films internationally, he enjoyed an extensive career in electronic music, having his music released on record labels all over the world. Since signing his first record contract in 2001, his compositions have not only been played on rotation by giants in the electronic music industry, including Tiesto and Armin van Buuren, his music was also featured on hundreds of CD compilations globally (Ministry of Sound, Gatecrusher Digital, Streetparade) selling millions of units, making him one of Switzerland's most successful electronic music exports.

Now based in Australia and after deciding to solely score films since 2014, Minder has also scored for television and documentaries, including projects for Porsche starring Hollywood Star Patrick Dempsey. Two of Minder's earliest projects including sci-fi film 'Ouroboros' were shown in Cannes, with all of his films and documentaries being shown at major film festivals around the world.

Minder turned into one of the Industry's best kept secrets after the epic orchestral soundtrack he wrote, composed and orchestrated for SONY distributed and HBO screened 'The Legend of Ben Hall' short-listed as one of the 145 Best Scores of 2016 at the Academy Awards®. Amongst industry heavyweights such as Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Thomas Newman and Alan Silvestri, Minder was one of only four Australian composers alongside Jed Kurzel, David Hirschfelder & Nick Cave, in the running to win a Best Score Oscar.

Already being supported by Hollywood and American based film industry media, Minder quickly made his mark not only in Australia, but also overseas with his distinctive, edgy and often theme-driven scores. His soundtracks have been featured on the front pages of iTunes US & iTunes Canada multiple times.

Minder's next projects include amongst many others, 'The Legend of Frank Gardiner', 'The Legend of John Vane" and monster horror 'Territorial'.
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