Valentina Ducros

Born in Rome, 1972, daughter of musician Remigio Ducros and singer-songwriter Daniela Casa follows the artistic footsteps of their parents becoming lyricist and singer. 1st experiences with many TV themes begin around age 7. In 1994 And I'll Be There, 12" under the project Antonomasia with Ranieri Senni and Stefano Gamma. Her 1st single in Italian Segretamente Amanti is in 2002 with Massimo Bottini and Filippo Clary, better known as Gabin. Currently works on RAI TV programs "Ballando con le Stelle" with Paolo Belli & his Big Band and as vocalist in "I Fatti Vostri" with Stefano Palatresi. She's also lead singer of Talkin' Loud, proposing a tribute to the music of Incognito.